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Indianapolis has been recognized throughout the world for its bicycle infrastructure and protected paths downtown. Even in densely motorized areas there are options for a bicyclist to have a safe and fun ride.

Some Basic Rules of the Road:

Riding on the sidewalk is discouraged. Many accidents involving bicycles and cars happen as a result of bicyclists riding on the sidewalk because the cars don’t see them until it's too late. The only exception to this rule is if the sidewalk is part of a designated bike route or the rider is accessing a Pacers Bikeshare Station or other bike parking facility.

"Ride to the Right". When you are riding WITH the flow of traffic be sure you are at a safe distance to the right as possible. Riding against the flow of traffic is incredibly dangerous. This is a common offense and accounts for the highest number of car-bike collisions.

Pedestrians have the right-of-way, and you should always announce your presence if you are passing a pedestrian or another cyclist.

Always pass on the left. Announce "on your left!" and proceed to ride ahead of the other cyclist or pedestrian.

Use hand signals to show direction change. With those signals always look over your shoulder and give yourself enough time to safely change lanes or cross the street.

Stop lights and stop signs apply to you- the cyclist- just as much as the car next to you.

Safety First: Helmets

Please wear a Helmet. Even a minor fall or accident can cause serious head injuries. If you don't already own one, see a list below of local spots where you may rent or purchase a helmet. 

A1 Cyclery
6847 W. Washington St 317-356-4585
Bicycle Garage Indy
242 E. Market St
(West Wing of City Market)
BGI 4340 E. 82nd St 317-842-4140
BGI 997 E. County Line Rd 317-885-7194
Bicycle Outfitters-Indy 1031 Country Club Rd 317-536-2420
Circle City Bicycles & Gifts 5506 Madison Ave 317-786-9244
DG Bicycles 1536 E. 86th St 317-257-2453
Gray Goat Sports Inc. 7750 S. Meridian St 317-780-4828
Indy Cycle Specialist 5804 E. Washington St 317-356-4585
Matthews Bicycle Mart 7272 Pendleton Pike 317-547-3456
Motion Cycling and Fitness 9530 E. 126th St 317-813-7433
Nebo Ridge Bicycles 4335 W. 106th St, Suite 900 317-471-1089
Performance Bicycle 8366 Castleton Corner Dr
8830 US Route 31 South
REI 8490 Castleton Corner Dr 317-585-1938
T3 Multisport 1343 W. 86th St 317-257-1117
The Bike Line, Inc. (Cornell)
The Bike Line, Inc. (Carmel)
6520 Cornell Ave
724 S. Rangeline Rd
Carmel Cyclery 230 W. Carmel Dr 317-575-8588
Gear Up Cyclery 124 W. Main St 317-203-5045


Additional Safety Tips
Don't Get Doored. When you are riding in a bike lane, or just riding on the right side of the road that is lined with parked cars, you should always be aware that a door could open at any time.

Use lights, brightly colored clothing, reflective clothing, and even ride a brightly colored bike (say, yellow?)! This allows other cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles to see where you are.

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